front page image of vshim© product
Don’t waste your time and money on different shim sizes and shapes. Maximize your profits by using the Patented Vshim with Snap-n-Go technology.

Vshim saves Time

The V-shim© was designed by tradesmen with over 30 years of experience. With as many different applications as there are for durable shims, you need one that will not only meet the design requirements of the project you are working on, but is adaptable to different building conditions. The V-Shim© was designed to SAVE YOUR LABOR!!

Vshim saves Money

The VShim© is adaptable to most system sizes and applications. Snap-n-Go technology allows you to change the shim width or length to meet your field needs - and can be done in seconds versus minutes. Just snap the V-Shim© where you need to and keep your guys working……not cutting!!

Vshim maximizes PROFITS

Vshim© is not only competitively priced versus other horseshoe shims, it allows you to maximize profits in several different ways. First, since the Vshim product line is adaptable to any system, you only need to carry one type of shim and limit excess carryover or dead stock. Second, by using our Snap-n-Go technology, you will save labor on each project which adds dollars straight to your bottom line!!